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Watch out Now !

This LA fashionista has got aaaalllll… I mean aaallll the thing’s you need to know when it comes to what’s happening in the LA fashion world and things to do !

Let PinkGrassHopper Tell you herself :

PinkGrasshopper. was founded by fashionista and stylist, Mia Campbell.

Mia Campbell developed the PinkGrasshopper. name and vision, as her everyday language featured such term, “grasshopper.” Grasshopper, in the Japanese and martial arts culture, refers to the student of which answers to a teacher or “Sensei.” Mia’s fascination with this concept and the color pink developed a name and brand that practices this Japanese format.

PinkGrasshopper. is a fashion blog dedicated to teaching the who, what, when, where, and how in fashion. Hence, the PinkGrasshopper. team acts as sensei to fashion enthusiasts (Grasshoppers). 
Ultimately, the PinkGrasshopper. team has plenty of experience in fashion and thus we are a highly sought-after site and team for fashion/style ideas, advice, and fashionable event coverage.

To Read the rest of this article Follow this link—> Get to know MyPinkGrasshopper

Shawn Chrystopher: One of the emerging artists featured on

Mia has had her own personal blog for about a year now which I have had the pleasure to watch grow !

I remember last year around this time when I would type into Google and some fashion boutique would pop up… Along with other random sites (random to me at least) that I was not looking for .

Bbbbbuuutttt nnnnooowww when I type in I get exactly what I’m looking for ! It’s awesome !

My favorite part of her site is the ” Street Style ” section . Where she brings LA street style to you !

Yea It’s cool to follow the high fashion blogs but who is really wearing all that stuff?
Mia takes high fashion and makes it “street style “ . Shows you how to wear it in your everyday life, in a round about way . I thinks that’s awesome !
Did I mention this blog has a commercial ?
What blog has a commercial ?
Who does that?
 Mia does that !
She’s #aboutthatlife !
Check  it out below !

MyPinkGrasshopper is a Multifaceted blog that will not bore you. Touches on almost every pop culture subject you can think of ! Exposing you to new artist, events, LA Fashion trends and more !If you are not from LA are and are looking to visit

check this site first to be update on what’s going on in the LA world (at one point in time I believe they were trying to become their own state.. *side eye)

Follow the link to find out what’s happening in the LA world —-> MyPinkGrasshopper
Check Mia out on Vibe Vixen Here ! Another awesome achievement by this fashionista. 

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