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Hello world!

Hello World !


Sirena Williams here, a graduate out of UC Davis, with a Bachelor of Science in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity. And no I don’t play tennis! I am currently pursuing my professional athletic career as a 100 Hurdler for Rahn Sheffield Elite Track club! How bad is that ! Outside of track, I have my own app The Starter and I am also an independent distributor for Lifevantage and I love it !Through this blog I hope to introduce a track style unknown, informative health and exercise tips, my Lifevantage experience and opportunity, and my random thoughts and cool things I hear or find on the internet ! Pretty much almost anything goes on this blog ! Whatever I feel like posting on I will post on lol !

I hope to provide you with a relaxed, open, interactive blog experience ! Hopefully you guys enjoy following me on my journey to the Olympics 2016 ! My ultimate goal/dream ! I think this is going to be a fun ride ! Well that’s all I have for you ! I hope you enjoy ! Fee free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook ! Im open to questions and learning new things !

Have fun !

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