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Welcome to The Starter, the experience !Starter App Web Page

The Starter is a realistic simulation of a start Gun as seen in many Olympic races! My App! Currently available for download on Itunes !

It is a great training tool for the average track athlete but can be used in a number of ways !

  1. You & your coworkers want to have a parking lot Race.. You’ve got #THESTARTER.. pull it out and start it off
  2. You & your friend all have red cups full of magical liquid..You’ve got #THESTARTER..pull it out and see who drinks up quickest
  3. You need to get your kids off the couch to clean.. Tell them they have until #THESTARTER goes off to relax.. after that clean time
  4. You have this awesome dance move you want to motivation.. You’ve got #THESTARTER .. it will motivate you
  5. Want to spit your awesome hot game at a super fine dame ? You’ve got #THESTARTER to set you off to head over to talk to her

As you can see the number of uses goes on .

It just depends how creative you are with incorporating #THESTARTER into your life !

Check out the brief video I made for it (A better one is soon to come ) !

Feel Free to download it at The Starter

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Starter App Consumer useLeave a comment or submit a video on how you use #THESTARTER to be featured on The Starter Blog page and Facebook page !

Have fun and be creative !

The more creative the uses the better !


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