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Bringing in the New Year 2013

This year all I wanted to do was bring in the New Year at the Beach ! Peace, Quiet, Serenity . Most New Years I bring in partying but this one I want to be different ! So much has happened in 2012 that it would be nice to sit and reflect on all the things happened and what’s to gain in 2013.

And that is exactly what I did !

It was so peaceful !

When we got there it was freeeezzzzziinnnnggg ! However we soon noticed that there was a fire pit still burning that could be revived if given a little love and attention(It was on the verge of death had we not arrived soon that fire would have been a goner). Now being that we are by the beach, there is not much dry debris for us to use… However we got that puppy burning ! It went from my legs freezing to them burning up(yes I am exaggerating a little.. not a lot)! Took us about a half hour to do this , but it was worth it and fun ! My wild side came out when building that fire (wild meaning my adventurous loving of nature side.. and yes I know I burned nature)! His did too. Running around looking like Tarzan for dry wood that we could burn (I should have recorded it lol)

After we got the fire burning we pulled out our blanket, IPad and beverages and began our night time picnic ! Playing music, drinking juice and dancing around the fire. It was so much fun ! Just sat there and talked..danced..listened to music and drink.. just the two of us ( and the surfers who would occasionally come by to warm up.. they were crazy to get in that water… but definitely a memorable new year).

The first person to call was my mom who merged my entire (only 4 of us) immediate family in which we sang our new years song (there are no real lyrics to this song). Following mommie dearest were text from friends and family all wishing us a happy new year !

With that I say to you HAPPY NEW YEAR !

How did you bring in your new year & what do you look to GAIN from 2013 ?

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  1. Ahh that looks like so much fun!!! Glad u got to bring in the new year with ur boo! lol


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