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My Gymnastic Shaped Me

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Sirena Williams, Sirenas World, The starterOne experience that completely changed my life was back in middle school. I was a gymnast my “whole” life, I was faced with the decision to continue training or stop.

Being only 12 with an ultimatum that could change my life was devastating. Gymnastics was all I knew. Most of my friends were gymnast. How do I just stop doing what I love doing ? What am I going to do next ? Where will I make friends ?

At such a young age I learned that in life you are going to make decisions that will either make you or break you. This decision MADE me who I am today .

I decided to stop after 9 years of training and competing competitively. My nick name was Baby Dawes, after Dominique Dawes. I idolized her and she is the only Idol I have every had (outside of my mom of course). It still hurts me today knowing that I was so good and had to stop. And no I don’t mean.. oh shes good for her age. I mean on the brink of competing at the Olympic level. The Elite level of training. The type of training you go through after level 10 ! The cool tricks you get to learn to do but can not put in your routine because you have to abide by the rules. That kind of stuff ! and I knew it all ! I loved being a Gymnast !

Sirena Williams, Sirenas World, The starterThat decision has thus shaped me into the person today. I understand that not everything is going to go as you wish and the things you love will be taken away. My mindset now is if an opportunity is in front of you, take advantage of it, and do it ! You never know if or when that opportunity is going to come around again. Never be afraid to takes risks because they may lead to greatness ! & what you don’t know you can’t judge !

What major event shaped you into the person you are today ?

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

― Robert F. Kennedy

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  1. Wow! That’s great that you got as far as you did. Why did you end up quitting? Your photographs are beautiful. I love gymnastics. Though I’ve never had the opportunity to continue it beyond level 1 and I’ve never competed, I have admired gymnasts for as long as I can remember, and remain an avid fan, constantly watching the televised competitions and rooting for my favorite women.

    • Hey Celia ! Thank you ! Gymnastics is by far my sports love. I chose to stop because I tore some ligaments in my lower back :/ The doctor game me the option to continue training til the age of 16 and not being able to do any other sport, or stop and be able to live a “normal” athletic life. So I chose to stop 🙂 I am glad I did ! Now I am pursing my athletic track career and looking to make team USA this year in the 100 hurdles. I am not giving up on this dream. I have already had one taken away and I use that to keep me motivated to achieving this one !

      • Wow! That is amazing! You know what they say. Things happen for a reason, and now you have the chance to really go far with something new. How exciting! I wish you the best 🙂

      • Thanks ! and I agree , everything does happen for a reason, pretty much how I look at everything life…

  2. Gymnastic is one Olympic event that I diligently follows. Good you have done some gymnastic lessons. As far as I know gymnastics is for girls 14 years and below where the body is more flexible.


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