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My First Track Meet 1 #tracklife #trackandfield #hurdles #track

sirena Williams

My First Track Meet

Run for the dream , Sirena williams, Sirenas World

This year I opened up in my home city !

Boy was it nice to be home !

Check out my meet experience , my race and out look on the meet below !

Sirena Williams, Sirenas World, The starterdeclared not qualifiedUpdate ! Sooooooo… Yea !

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  1. Kirk Williams

    Great job this weekend! Keep me posted on your schedule!

  2. Way to go Sirena!! Keep up the good work. You’re awesome!!

  3. Congrats, Sirena 🙂

  4. Whoops, I guess I’m a little slow in my reply. Just now noticed your most recent comment on FB on this. :-O

    • Yea lol the qualifying time for the 55mh was 7.7, and for the 60mh is 8.6… the conversion from 55m to 60m is .53 I believe, .58 is another time that was said so will use that time for the sake of argument.. so if you add 7.93 + .58 = 8.51.. technically I qualify but technically I don’t… politics lol


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