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Pool of Rejuvenation

Pool of Rejuvenation

Yesterday my work out was extreeeeemmmmely “hard” ( I really don’t believe in hard work outs) and energy draining ! After my 3 full speed 150’s the world seemed about 6 shades lighter, my breathing was short, I was light-headed and felt like I needed to throw up (I would have like that but I didn’t unfortunately) ! Of course I recovered after about 6 minutes of walking like Zombie and not really paying attention to what my coach was saying but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I felt like poo !

After my 150’s I had another set of speed drills to finish.Which I did..on my time.

I walked to my coaches office where I was “gifted” 6 boxes of power bars which I immediately consumed (just one bar)! After the first bite into the first power bar I was set ! Fully rejuvenated for he rest of the day and everything (I ate the whole bar of course) !

Now. Normally after a hard work out like that I ice bath.. or what I like to call it… A Dip in The Pool of Rejuvenation ! But I for some reason decided not to.. boy should I have !

My body feels horrible this morning ! My arms are sore.. my hips… hammy … even my ankle(just the right one..weird. probably compensating for something).. my back ache bra to tight.. my booty shake from left to right… j/k just had to add that in there, couldn’t help it.. I am a goofball (Old elementary rhyme for those of you who don’t know).

On a serious note, to help rejuvenate my muscles I normally take a dip in the pool for about 15 minutes, ice bath. I will admit that it is extremely hard to sit in a cold pool for 15 minutes but the results the next day are phenomenal. The pool I am referring to here is an actual swimming pool. It is winter time now so the temperature of the pool is cool enough to ice bath in.

After an ice bath, the next day I always feel fresh and like a new person. It is kind of like the pool in Wanted that Angelina Jolie sits in to heal her body after assassinating people. The only difference is I am not an assassin, nor do I have to sit in the pool for 12 hours! The only thing I am “assassinating” is my body.

So with that said, don’t be like me and skip out on an ice bath after a good days of work. If you are looking for a great recovery method from sore muscles and a new use for your pool, take an ice bath.

If you don’t have a pool, and still want to know a good way for muscle recovery, try taking an actual “ice bath in a tub. Fill the tub full of water and add ice. Normally two bags of small ice in cold water is the right temperature to achieve optimal muscle recovery. Use your own personal judgement, you want the water to be uncomfortably cold , but not cold enough to freeze your ligaments. 20 minutes max and 15 minutes minimum, anything more is detrimental to your muscles and health and anything less will not give you the same recovery effects.

My ice bath technique:

  1. Start the cold water running
  2. Put the bags of ice next to the tub
  3. Sit in the tub slowly as the water is running
  4. Sit in the tub
  5. Wait for water to be at belly button level
  6. Turn off water when belly button level is achieved
  7. Poor bags of ice into tube around thigh area
  8. Sit it tub for 15 minutes
  9. Done!

Ice bath rule: Once you have sat in the tub the water around your legs will become “warm” and stagnant, try tapping your toes the entire 15 minutes to keep this from happening.

So have fun and rejuvenate those muscles !

SideNote: I have no clue why it is called an ice bath. You should refrain from washing yourself while in the bath filled with ice. However, if this is your personal preference go right on ahead and wash away ! I just wouldn’t do it . Cold dirty water…ugh…

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  1. Kessley

    I think the photo says it all… Maybe one day I will be as brave as you!

    Ps. I enjoy your writing! 🙂

    • Thank you Kessley ! And you just have to ease your way into it honestly.. if you can get a group of people to hop in an ice bath with you (maybe your work out partners) it will help ! Motivation from others is what got me started ice bathing lol

  2. I will never be doing one of these, can’t stand the cold! I’d rather be sore for a few days & I can do that since I’m not a professional! Lol

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