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Planche This !

(that was kind of corny but whatever)

So I was looking around on Youtube and found this “new” (this is new to me, that is what makes it new) type of training. It is called “Planche Training “.

A Planche is a skill in gymnastics in which the body is held parallel to the ground, giving the illusion of floating. It is a move that requires a great deal of strength and balance.


I think this is an awesome way of training ! I was a gymnast for 9 years and had no idea this is what I was doing at such a young age (started when I was 4 and end when I was 12.. was very devastated…. trained all they way to Elite level and then had to stop…. maybe I will explain why in another post…).  Having a Gymnastics background has given me the proper ground work to pretty much perform in any sport I put my mind to. I believe gymnasts are the greatest athletes (obviously my opinion is bias).

Outside of that watch this video ! This guy does a number of cool exercises on this contraption !

This guy has a substantial amount of work out videos detailing different work out schemes check him out —-> Here ! <—- Click there to go to his YouTube Page.

Here is another Good Article about Planche Training :

Planche Training: Strengthening the Mind/Body Connection

Phil Jelinowski, CSCS

February 3, 2009 09:22 AM

Have you been training the planche progression but are not getting anywhere fast? Wouldn’t it be nice to go from tuck planche to straddle planche in just under 4 months? Well I’ve been there and have done that and now I want to share my knowledge so you can do the same.

When I first started planche training progress was painfully slow. So I became frustrated and quit a number of times. It was not until I realized a few things that progress really picked up and I was on my way to achieving one of my long term goals: to hold a straddle planche.

The first point to take home is that planche is a full body compound exercise; and for any compound exercise muscle synergism is of the utmost importance because you’re only as strong as your weakest link. All the involved muscles have to work in perfect harmony otherwise force production will be compromised. This brings us to the mind/body connection. You will not get anywhere if you do the exercises passively not focusing on which muscles are working and if you are not trying to consciously maximize that contraction. A good example to demonstrate this point is an inexperienced person trying to bench press something for the first time. They will life down flat on the bench and try to push the bar with their arms. However if that person were to squeeze the shoulder blades together, arch the lower back, push down through the feet and focus on maximizing the contraction in the chest and shoulders they would be able to produce a greater amount of force due to increased scapular stability and activation of more agonists. The point is that any compound exercise requires conscious effort in order to be performed effectively.

If you like this article you can read the rest —> Here !

Now after all this training you add into your daily routine .. You might want to jump into the POOL of REJUVENATION !

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