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Shock Squats!

Forget your normal squats ! Check this out ! If you are looking for explosion these will definitely help ! I was introduce to this style of squat this year by Rahn Sheffield (my track coach who enjoys my pain). I actually enjoy doing them too(Ignore the face I make at the end of the video). Check them out below.

The way the squat is done is as follows :

  1. Stand in squat position for 3-5 seconds
  2. Sit down and lift feet up off the ground for 1 quick second
  3. Explode up and return to squat position for the hold
  4. Repeat

I would recommend starting off with the bar for the first time. I like to add weight as I increase in intervals( the heaviest I went was 95lbs for these for the last 3 intervals… boy was I pain). I typically do 5 sets of 6 with fast split squats super set in between each rep. 3 min recovery in between each set… What does that even mean ? lol —> shock squat…fast split squats…3 min rest… repeat.

Enjoy ! Let me know how they went for you ! If you dared to try them ! Muahahaha !

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  1. Are split squats basically the same as lunges or no??!? How many reps do u do in a set??

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