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@immsmarisha, fitness friday


We are on the 4th Week of Fitness Friday ! Crazy how time flys ! Have you been keeping up ?

Fitness Friday Week 4

  • 30 x Jumping Jacks
  • 15 x  Push Ups
  • 15 x Burpies
  • 15 x V ups
  • 20 x Side Crunch (20 on each side)
  • 30 x Body Weight Squats
  • 45 seconds speed Squats

Repeat x 3

Rest is 3 min between each interval :) For those of you who would like a little more intensity multiply everything by 3 !

Fitness Friday Feature ! @immsmarisha, fitness friday


Um this girl is just awesomeness wrapped in a package !

Facebook Page

Owner of Just For The Fit of It:


Just For The Fit Of It is an interactive fitness meets fashion, red carpet charity event put on by young professionals in multiple cities across the country. The competition style event features contestants from various fitness and athletic backgrounds as well as professionals with physically demanding job duties all of whom have fit physiques and the desire to support others in adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Our events highlight and raise money for health related charitable organizations that make a significant impact in their communities.

Just For The Fit Of It events also showcase up-and-coming designers, local retailers including fitness and wellness related companies. Our events give “the power to the people” as our guests rate and select their favorite, fit male and female contestants who compete for cash for themselves and a charity of their choice as well as other prizes! Guests can also shop and receive special offers on products and services from our partnering merchandisers at their mini trunk show booths.

Mix our catwalk competition with red carpet photo ops, drinks, auction items, giveaways and fun, stylish company and you got yourself a good time while benefitting good causes!

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